Sunday, August 1, 2010


Will went to JORDAN’s birthday party today.  His name deserves to be capitalized because Will has been writing JORDAN’S name on as much as his school work as he can get away with for the last three years.  And he’s called multiple people JORDAN (usually with his hand held sideways and cupped over his mouth) for years.  When we arrived at Build-A-Bear JORDAN ran up to Will to say hello and help him choose a bear.  Will is not really into stuffed animals and I think that store is visually overwhelming for him.  I think he’d rather spend the time lying on fake tub that blows air – and, oh yes, I let him – trying to type consecutive years on the computer or playing with the stuffing machines.  But Jordan (I’ve stopped capitalizing his name now because it was annoying me) took Will over to the wall and made suggestions.  Will choose the same animal Jordan did.


Jordan dressed his owl as Woody and Will, with prompting from Jordan, dressed his as Buzz.  Then the kids went to the food court for lunch.  I met a new student at Will school who plays the guitar, and loves rock music from the 70s.  He hugged Will and my heart melted.  Michelle one of Will's old therapists from school showed up and Will started calling me Michelle. (Darn it!  He hadn't called me Michelle very much during the last year and I hoped it was fading off completely.) After two hours Will was done and in the frazzle of chasing him around the food court for the second time I took home someone else’s bear.  But I dropped the bear off at their house so all was well.

Then we took the kids to Salisbury beach.  It was a great beach; although, I was a little nervous about sharks.  Every year there are more sighting of Great Whites in Cape Cod but I didn’t say anything to my kids because I’m trying not to pass on my irrational fears to the next generation.  

Best quote of the day:  On the way home from the beach we stopped to get something to eat.  Lizzy, referring to her fries, said in disgust, “they taste like potatoes!”

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