Saturday, August 7, 2010

Discovering Saturday Morning Cartoons

I made a decision years ago when my children were really young to restrict TV shows.  I steered them towards PBS almost exclusively for programming.  When we had cable they added Disney and Nickelodeon.  But it made me crazy to think about the hours of mind-numbing Hannah Montana and assorted crap they were watching.  So, I cancelled cable.   

I mourned the absence of Bravo, HGTV and E! but I moved on and forced my children to as well.  That decision is why on a recent Sunday Jake watched a couple hours of Planet Earth and why he loves Scientific America.

Unfortunately, a couple of months ago he discovered that cartoons are on at 9:00pm.  And he and Will started watching them instead of Scientific America.  Then to add insult to injury PBS changed its’ summer programming schedule and now that slot is filled with music. 

PBS – Will is not amused (or interested in your new offering).

Last night I confiscated the kids' laptop and Jake woke me up when he came into my room in an attempt to retrieve it.  I sent him out.  Jake turned on the TV and discovered that such a thing as Saturday Morning Cartoons existed.  Since he is bound to tell Bri and Lizzy the secret is out.

How ironic that just three weeks ago, I laughed to my husband that our kids didn’t know about Saturday morning cartoons; and I was torn between laughing hysterically and fear that I was somehow making it more difficult for them to relate to their peer group.  I guess that internal conflict is now resolved.

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Kim Wombles said...

You spoke too soon. It was bound to happen. The girls don't have cable or antenna on their tv in the playroom; they can watch dvds only. And they don't have internet access on their computer, so we've limited their access. And yet, they still know all about Hannah Montana, High School Musical, the Wizards of Waverly Place. Sigh.

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