Monday, August 30, 2010

A problem with having a larger family

Hotel rooms.  Usually it works out but on our way home from Virginia we stopped just outside Baltimore and our hotel room only had two beds.  There was no pullout couch.  I had brought a blowup twin for Will on the trip since I worry about him wetting the bed.  So we blew that up.  The girls were on one bed.  We were on the other and the boys were crammed on a tiny blow up mattress.

The kids played musical beds.  At one point Lizzy was wiggling too much and Bri was on the floor next to the bed which Lizzy had to herself.  When I woke up next, Bri and Will were in the bed and Lizzy was complaining that there wasn’t space for her.  I tried to convince her there was space next to Jake on the airbed.  She was not convinced and got in with me.   It was super fun.  My husband apologized profusely to everyone the next morning.

~Although, I don't really consider my family of six to be all that large.  I came from a family of seven and my husband has eight siblings.  With that reference four kids doesn't seem excessively large.  However, I consider the work my children require the equivalent of a significantly larger family.  Oh, maybe the equivalent of 8 children -- and 3 of those are young and demanding, 2 are hormonal teenage girls with a penchant for yelling at me, and 2 are video game obsessed boys.  All I can say is thank heaven for Bri!

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Wanda said...

I was smiling through you whole post. I could just picture this... feels like us when I have a living room full of grand kids.

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