Sunday, August 29, 2010

Operation Beach Bum

I want my kids to try things when they’re young. I think if you’ve already tried something you are more likely to do it again. That’s why I signed them up for skiing lessons last winter and a surfing lesson last week. Although, I seriously underestimated how hard surfing is.

On her very last try Bri surfed for about twenty seconds. Her most spectacular surfing occurred earlier. She somehow twisted around and was sitting down of her board surfing backwards. Lizzy did a lot of knee and one leg surfing. And Jake after a spectacular wipeout that included getting hit by his board twice decided he had surfed enough and sat out the rest of the lesson.

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Big Daddy Autism said...

Great idea getting them started young. We got my son into horeseback riding therapy when he was real little. He took so well to it that there was even talk of the Special Olympics at one point. Unfortunately he lost interest. But, like swimming, if we hadn't started young, he may never have tried it.

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