Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lizzy’s Homework the Last Two Weeks of School is Kicking My Butt

My friend called me, “Did you see the homework for the last two weeks of school?”


“What do you think of it?”

“I think it’s two weeks without homework.”  I responded foolishly.

“Ok, you’re probably right.”  Linda said.

I WAS WRONG!  Homework is homework. 

“Mom, I need to dress up as my text-talk word.  I choose hero.  Please drive me to the store to buy a batman costume so you don’t have to sew me one.”  Lizzy said expectantly.

First of all: Like that is going to happen.  I am not the mother that says “Oh you need me to buy you something . . . is this enough money?”

Secondly:  Even if I was so inclined to do so, it’s June.  No one has batman costumes.

Thirdly:  Sew . . . Sew you a costume for text-talk day!  Apparently, you don’t realize that there only a couple of things I like to sew.  One is clothes for baby girls and two is Halloween costumes.  Halloween costumes not text-talk costumes.  At some future point in my life, when I have an extra room and I don’t have to sew on my kitchen table, I might make baby quilts.

Lizzy talked to me about what she needed for her text-talk word for three days . . . a lot.  I considered prank calling her teacher in retaliation for the homework.  Fortunately, we had a black cape from my childhood and Marcy had a black batman mask.  Lizzy turned a black tee-shirt inside out and wore black pants.  She drew a batman logo on a piece of paper and taped it to her shirt.  She wore it to her doctor appointment.  Then I dropped her off at school.  “I don’t know if they’ll let you wear that mask at school.”  I told her.

“What!  Why not?!”

“Uh, never mind.”
Miss Charters, I guess it’s your turn to take one for the team.  Have fun!

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