Monday, June 28, 2010

Capital E, lowercase n, lowercase d, lowercase l, lowercase e, lowercase s, lowercase s

Yesterday Will wanted me to scribe for him.  "Capital A," he said, followed by a "lowercase n, lowercase d." ... It made for slow writing.  If I knew the word, which happened frequently because he asked me to write the same song lines over and over again, I would write letter before he told me to.  Then he'd quickly grab the notebook away and inspect the words.  He erased the wrong words and occasionally, if it was beyond repair, rip the page out, crumble it up and drop it on the floor.  It was basically 45 minutes of good times.

Will is out of school this week, so I made him go for a walk with me this morning in the heat.  We both loved it.  The poor kid gets 6 make up therapy hours this week but I think it's good for him to have something to do.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I heard that you were cheating on me with Cheryl, I didn't know William was there, too. Marcy :)

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