Friday, June 18, 2010

I hate feeling like I’m losing to an eight year old

But to be honest . . . sigh, I’ve been on the losing side since she was two.  Once she has made up her mind about something that is THE END.  That idea or event or whatever has been graven in stone, hauled up to the tallest mountain and is being guarded by rabid monkeys; and the only possible way for anything to change involves long-winded explanations or cajoling or apologizing. 
My dad loves hearing about Lizzy because he believes the Cosmos is giving him payback for enduring me as a child, and even when he’s sympathetic he has a tone – a tone that lets me know that to some extent he’s enjoying my agony.

However, I feel it only fair to warn him that I’ve been keeping track of my chits.  And when Lizzy’s chits begin to outweigh mine I’m shipping her to his house for a summer.
Dad, her birthday party is today.  I figure she’s good for about twenty in the next two hours alone.


Anonymous said...

I'm ready now!

The way I see it, It is usually a lot easier to a grand parent than a parent.

Besides, I always get to ship her back. And I suspect it was always easier to be your dad than my daughter.

Love Yah

Life as the mother of 4 said...

I think you'd enjoy having Lizzy -- she is adorable and sweet. She just has J.'s stubborn and is particular.

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