Saturday, November 28, 2009

On My Toes

Sometimes it almost seems deliberate, almost as if Will is trying to confuse me. My husband scrambled up four eggs to put in Pad Thai a couple of days ago. Will ate half of them before dinner was ready. I was so excited because I’ve tried to get Will to eat scrambled eggs for a couple of years. I use a first/then approach. First he eats a small bit of scrambled egg then he eats a preferred food. Occasionally, he throws up when I force him to eat too much of a non-preferred food. So, naturally I was thrilled and thought, “Hurray, I have something else to make him for breakfast!”

Well, I made him an egg this morning -- he didn’t want it. I made him eat it anyway because that’s the kind of mother I am. And fortunately, it didn’t take a lot of his peanut butter cereal to encourage him to eat it.

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