Friday, November 6, 2009

I want a driver!

My friend’s son slept over last night so I planned to drop off and pick up Lizzy and him from school. But Friday morning, Bri reminded me I needed to drop her off early for Jazz band. I asked my husband to get Will on the bus while I took Bri. No problem.

When I returned home the kids still had a couple minutes to play before we needed to leave. Then I asked her friend to put on his shoes. We couldn’t find them. I looked some more. Still couldn’t find them -- but Will’s shoes were right by the front door. I went upstairs and asked my husband, “What shoes did you put on Will this morning?”

“His shoes,” was the response, “the ones with Velcro.”

Will doesn’t have shoes with Velcro.

It took Lizzy’s friend a couple of minutes to understand that no, his shoes were actually missing and that yes, he needed to wear Lizzy’s. I know he was thinking, “This never happened at Auntie Susie’s house!”

Sweetie, I’m sure it didn’t.

I called Will’s school on the way to school. “How are his feet?” I asked.

“He keeps taking off his shoes,” was the answer. I wasn’t surprised. They were at least two sizes too small. I’m actually impressed that my husband managed to get them on Will’s feet! I dropped off Will’s shoes after dropping off the kids. But I stressed that those shoes needed to come home in Will’s backpack because they didn’t belong to us.

I went back to Lizzy’s school to be the mystery reader for library. Then I took Lizzy and her friend back home. I checked Will’s backpack immediately. The shoes weren’t there. I called the school and told them I’d be right over to pick them up. I picked up the shoes then Will and I drove to Jake’s school to pick him up from play practice.

I went to all four kids' schools today -- William’s twice; even though they all have buses. But what could I say to Tiffanie? "Really, you want his shoes?"

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