Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fighting over the Car Radio

I am thrilled that Will has started talking and I try to reinforce all talking. There is always the possibility that he will say something before resorting to pinches. Every year the kids get a CD from primary that has all the songs they need to learn for that year’s primary program and we like to listen to it on the way to church. Sometimes on the way to church Will says “Heavenly Father.” I assumed that he realized that we were on our way to church. But a couple of weeks ago Bri figured out that one of the CDs that he likes has Heavenly Father in the title. He was requesting to listen to it. That’s really cool! But who knows how long he has been asking for it without anyone understanding what he meant?

I am particular about what I listen to. The radio is mine while I’m in the car and my children don’t get to choose the songs. My mom always had classical music playing. I may not ever listen to it but I have a healthy appreciation for it. However, my children are deprived and have not been exposed to the same cultural experiences I had. I started listening to New Wave in High School and rode that wave into Alternative. I hate “teeny bopper” music. I am trying to mold my children into rejecting the tween crap their friends listen to. Although, I’m not sure how effective I have been because Jake’s MP3 player is full of High School Musical songs.

There have been disturbing incidences, I was a little concerned when Lizzy told me that the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ song Snow (Hey Oh) was her favorite song. I’ve heard my kids singing along to songs I’m not sure are all that appropriate for six year olds. But my taste in music is really limited. I would not do well on Don’t Forget the Lyrics. On Sundays I listen to good music but the rest of the week I own the radio in the car and it’s playing my stuff.

While we were in the car on Monday, Will said, “Heavenly Father.”

I said, “crap.”


Anonymous said...

I'm that EXACT same way! No Radio Disney is allowed and I try to keep my cd's that I listen to in the car to a minimum of swear words. (or innuendos for that matter).
I love ya Marj!

Life as the mother of 4 said...

Now I'm worried that Will will take over the radio and I'll have to listen to primary songs whenever I'm in the car.

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