Thursday, April 24, 2008

Next He'll Want a Piercing

Today, I went over to my friend’s again. I’m “helping” her paint and go through stuff. My job is to inspire and provide moral support; AKA, sit on my butt and talk. At one point, I find a half naked Will wandering around the house. I send my children on a treasure hunt to find his pants. Finally, I find them outside under the swing set. I should have looked there first because he routinely left pants under it at our house (BTBA—before two-bedroom apartment). My neighbors have frequently seen my child naked but I doubt that her neighbors are used to the sight of a child running about the backyard in varying states of undress. Usually I have a stash of extra clothes in the van but today I’m down to a shirt and pair of pants. So, I guess Will is commando until we get home.

Later, Jake comes up to me and whispers in my ear that Will has wet his pants because the tent is wet. I find Will to check on him. No, he’s dry. But I am so focused on checking his pants that I don’t notice the purple and green glitter paint that covers half his head until I walk back into the kitchen!?! I know I can be a little single minded at times but I don’t understand how I could have missed that!

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