Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Right now the closest thing Lizzy has to shorts is a pair of Jacob’s. And she has tried to wear them for the last four days! She put them on the other morning for school. I said, “It’s 40 degrees outside please wear pants.” Since, we all know how well Lizzy listens to me regarding clothing choices; she ended up wearing them, of course.

I talked her into a long sleeved shirt but not a jacket. Jake’s shorts were a light blue with a white track stripe down the side. Lizzy paired those shorts with a navy and white horizontal striped sailor shirt. I refuse to take any credit for that fashion pairing and blame it on her father.

I’ve decided that at this point everything in my life is BTBA – before two-bedroom apartment. At other times things have been BK – before kids, BA – before autism; but now things are firmly divided into BTBA or ATBA (after two-bedroom apartment). There was a time (before I almost moved to Texas, shipped all my stuff to Texas and when I lived in a house) when my life was a little more normal. My family of six was not crammed into two bedrooms. Yes, despite the fact that nearly everything we own is in storage in Texas a two-bedroom does not give us nearly enough space to live comfortably.

Bri, though she has been a tremendously good sport, has remarked that she would like not to have to share a bedroom with all her siblings. What? I gave them the master. There’s enough room for all their mattresses on the floor and the three toys that each of them brought. We were only supposed to live here for one month and by the time we leave it will be six months.


Anonymous said...

Any news on finding your own place? You are an inspiration - I would have been loopy by now!

Anonymous said...

Do you have a fixed closing date yet? Huh, huh, huh?

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