Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hot Drinks and Tattoos

I was sitting with Will encouraging him to use silverware with his breakfast. I asked Bri to get him a drink of water. She brought it over. Will took a drink then handed it back to me. “A cold water,” he said. Bri had given him hot water. I was so excited. Two years ago he barely talked! Now he can complain, definitively proving he is my child.

On Sunday, I saw someone at my church with a spider tattoo on the back of her shoulder. My church is very conservative and not a lot of people sport tattoos. Although, I know some of you have tattoos and piercing in spots that will remain nameless; I’ve never been interested in getting one myself. However, when I saw this woman in a conservative dress with the tattoo I must admit that my interest in her peaked. Was she a rebel? Did she have a colorful past? Was she perhaps more interesting than me?

Answer: Quite possibly so.

What kind of tattoo would I get anyway? I’d probably settle for a puzzle piece on my forehead. We all know I have a hard time making decisions and don’t know how to decorate.

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