Sunday, August 30, 2009

Yes, Marcy I wore sneakers this time.

My husband’s distant cousin’s wife had a baby about two weeks ago. Fabulous relative that I am I finally brought over a baked item. This isn’t as bad as it sounds because they’ve had extra mothers and aunts over there since before the baby was even born so I knew that they weren’t starving. But I can’t say that was the whole reason for my tardy gift -- the reality is that sometimes it takes me a while to make it over.

I had the brilliant idea that walking over would be a nice Sunday walk with the kids. So with Bri on her scooter and Lizzy on her bike we started off. I didn’t know how far away they lived. I thought it was a short walk but it was actually 2.8 miles round trip. That’s not a nice Sunday walk for me; especially since I carried Lizzy’s bike quite a bit when it was too steep or dangerous for her to ride.

But considering that the baby weighed 10 lbs 6 oz when he was born, I really should have brought over a solid gold loaf of bread rather than a loaf of blueberry walnut bread because, you know, she earned one!

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