Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Feet Are Killing Me

Yesterday, I took my kids to Canobie Lake Park in New Hampshire. They love amusement parks and we’d never gone there, so it seemed like a brilliant end of summer activity. Everyone had a lot of fun and we didn’t lose anyone so the day has to be classified under the label of pretty darn good. Marcy and her family went too which was great since my husband was in Chicago.

Bri, Jake and Dave took off by themselves, while the rest of us waited in a line to get on a very dumb ride. Some of my kids are old enough to wander around by themselves and take Will on rides, which is great because I am getting old! I used to love going on wild rides but I decided at 6 Flags last year that I am too old to find any enjoyment in getting my head knocked back and forth between “padded” head supports on super fun rides like the Mind Eraser.

No, someone else needs to step forward and sacrifice their brain cells in pursuit of entertainment for Will. I am fortunate in having three other children, since my husband, possessing the notoriously weak stomach his family is known for, will not go on those rides either.

My children started off the day fortified with an apple, cheese stick and juice box. Since Bri and Lizzy didn’t eat their sandwich they were immediately ravenous. Bri ate a pizza but Lizzy and Jake would only agree to eat a bowl full of fripps (a chip like thing) covered in cheese sauce. I begged them to eat a hotdog, hamburger or pizza to no avail. It was fripps or nothing. Actually the fripps were the second choice. They really wanted cotton candy or ice cream for lunch. I said no, but have no fear for Jake he did eat ice cream for dinner -- because by that time I didn’t care anymore. Bri and Lizzy stayed with the “more” nutritious fried dough.

The day ended, as usual, with rain. Whether we go to amusement parks in Massachusetts or in Utah it always rains. It’s kind of a family tradition. Perhaps I should have warned Marcy about that when I suggested that she come with us. Oops. My bad.


Anonymous said...

You did warn me.Our family's good luck of not having rain at an amusement park outing held the rain off until 7:30 P.M. Marcy

Anonymous said...

That ride looked cool! FYI, We have about 5 weeks until we move into our house. The house is done though :)

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