Thursday, August 27, 2009


I’ve read some good books lately.

The Ascent of George Washington: The Hidden political genius of an American icon by John Ferling is really interesting. It’s a different look at Washington’s military and political career. It flushes out his character. Luckily for America, his military failures were ignored and congress put him in charge.

My dad insisted that I read The time it never rained by Elmer Kelton; and he hounded me until I finished it. It was a hard book to read –good, but hard. My dad had sheep when he was young and he said it was a true book. Ranching is a hard life.

I read Fatal Journey: the final expedition of Henry Hudson--a tale of mutiny and murder in the Arctic by Peter C. Mancall. It was quick and interesting. As to whether it tells the truth of what actually happened; well, it was based on the account of one of the men who returned. He, of course, didn’t mutiny.

Sick: the untold story of America's health care crisis--and the people who pay the price by Jonathan Cohn. Reading anything like this makes me crazy but that’s no reason not to be informed. Certainly there is a crisis in insurance coverage and its lack.

I read a bunch of books by Thomas Perry. I like the Jane Whitefield novels.

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