Monday, August 3, 2009

Teaching My Children Humility

After swimming backstroke at B Regionals last Saturday, Lizzy ran up to me and very excitedly said, “I beat someone, I wasn’t last!” In many ways that statement sums up the best of my children’s swimming season.

Bri hasn’t had lessons in two years. Jake has had a tumultuous relationship with swimming. He needed 10 group sessions and 9 private lessons to get him to level 3 in swimming. Then he stayed in level three for about four or five sessions. Lizzy was doing ok in swimming until she went to full day kindergarten. At which point she stopped taking lessons.

It’s difficult to take the kids to swimming lessons. Will gets really upset if he sees the pool but doesn’t get to go swimming. For a while I would spend several days mentally gearing up for swimming lessons. I would take the kids to the dressing room. They would head off for their lesson. I’d walk Will outside the building with him screaming the whole way. It was not pleasant. As a result, my children have taken fewer lessons than I would have liked … and it shows.

Will is a better sport now, but still wants to go swimming if the other kids get to. (I know. He’s so unreasonable!) The one time I took him to watch the kids practice; he took off his shirt twice and tried to jump in the pool. At which point we went outside and waited in the car for it to end.

What’s the most surprising thing about swim team? Well, Lizzy and Bri want to do it again.

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Unknown said...

That's great that your children are interested in being involved. :) I hope Hayden will be like that someday. I'm going to add your blog to my autism blog list. Feel free to do the same. :) Hint, hint. :)

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