Friday, August 7, 2009

Mom ... Mom ... Mom!

Bri is away at sleep away camp this week. My husband is in Palo Alto. And I’m a little lonely. My friend’s son is away for six weeks and I feel a ton of sympathy for her. If it were Bri, about week three, I’d have to go bust her out!

Lizzy and Jake are spending their time together arguing. I get to hear things like: “Lizzy went in my room! I hate it when she goes in my room! Can I get an alarm?” And all I can think of is that he wants a cage hovering over his door ready to drop on Lizzy when she puts a toe in his room. It wouldn’t work … except probably on William.

But Lizzy isn’t the innocent victim. For over a week she had a sign on her door that read No Boys Allowed! In her defense she did mean both Jake and Will -- but Will ignored the sign. But listening to their arguing is causing me to seriously consider becoming a nun. Oh … wait, I’m not catholic and it’s too late to do me any good!

At this point, I’m waiting for the “she’s looking at me” or the “he’s breathing” complaint.

Summer is kicking my butt!

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Anonymous said...

Kim and I feel the same way with the girls. I am looking forward to school, so they can be separated.

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