Monday, June 29, 2009

Lizzy and The Experienced Traveler

On our flight to Detroit our seats ended up all over the place. My husband and I were on the exit row, Bri and Will were in front of us, Jake was a couple of seats forward and Lizzy ended up several rows behind us.

We managed to switch around so I was on the same row as Bri and Will; and my husband and Jake were across the aisle. During the long wait on the tarmac my husband went back to trade with Lizzy.

The man she was sitting next to was taken with Lizzy. He said that he asked her how old she was.


"Is your mom or dad on the plane?" She tilted her head to the side, twisted the bottom of her chin and shrugged.

"Where are you going?"


"You know that this plane doesn't go to Utah?"

"I know. I'll get on another plane."

"Is anyone meeting you?"

"My aunt, I think."

"Well, I'm an experienced traveler if you need any help."


He told my husband that story twice, then as the wait lengthened on the tarmac started pulling out his free samples of Absolut and drinking them down.

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