Sunday, June 7, 2009

ID Bracelet

Jake found Will’s ID bracelet. Will had hidden it in the bottom of the toy bucket. It was a pretty good hiding spot because it’s been lost for months! I attached it to his wrist on Saturday. He started wailing. I heard a lot of “No’s” and “help please!” When I continued trying to attach it to his wrist he started calling to Brianne for help. “Brianne help off please!” She looked at me with bitterness. I tried to explain that it was for safety. But he kept screaming. I believe there was even a swear word spoken -- twice.

I had the brilliant thought of writing him a social story. (Unfortunately for William, it was after I’d already put on his bracelet.) So, I ran to the computer and started typing one up. He screamed the entire time I wrote it! I printed it up and started reading it to him; after the third time through his screaming had turned into sobs. Good Times!


Anonymous said...

Pretty Girl didn't have her halter...
I asked her where it was.
She had it in a pile of rocks. She found it far me and picked it up. She let me put it on for her.
I've got a welder! and some 3/16 chain.

Life as the mother of 4 said...

Hang on to it. I may need it.

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