Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Living out the Myth of Sisyphus: Will is the boulder

William’s latest obsession is driving me crazy; completely over the edge!

There are a few things that are organized in my life: my kid’s schedules, most of my books, my 6 month supply of tampons (because if there is one thing I don’t want to run out of in the case of a nuclear winter it would be tampons! Even thinking about that makes me want to buy 3 more 100 count boxes from BJs.) One of the few things that are relatively organized is my mound of autism/school/therapy papers. At least they were.

I’ve filled a filing cabinet drawer with records. But some things I like to file in three ring binders. The problem is that Will loves binders. He loves to rearrange them almost as much as he likes to write on any available piece of paper. (I’ve found entire notebooks with one letter written on each page.) I have a cabinet in the living room that I use to hold folders.

Will discovered them a few months ago. He started rearranging them binder by binder. For months I spent a few minutes every day reorganizing binders. I slowly removed binder after binder from the cabinet. And as I removed favorite binders he started rearranging new ones. When we got the point of mounds of paper on the floor in front of the cabinet, two scattered photo albums, one three-ring binder labeled School Year 2008/2009 that was completely empty and three-ring binders filled with odd stuff like dollar bills with holes punched in them along with miscellaneous crap I keep around; I gave up and emptied the cabinet of almost everything. But I left a binder for Will filled with stuff I hoped he’d like --which he promptly emptied.


Anonymous said...

Oh, M, did I mention I'm moving this week. I'll call when I find a new place.



Life as the mother of 4 said...

Thanks. Maybe we should just put Buddy in charge of Will.

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