Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lizzy is a Punk!

One problem I have with New Math is the lack of drills. I may not have known why we did things in math but I knew my multiplication facts. My kids know some great math but learned 11 and 12 times tables in 5th grade! So, I’ve had the kids practice their math facts. I made a multiplication worksheet for Bri and Jake to fill out. I said when they could fill it out in under a minute I’d take them out to lunch.

Because I’d been told that Lizzy was brilliant I thought that I didn’t have to teach her anything because she would learn it all by herself. We all know that that idea hasn’t worked out really well for Lizzy so far. So, I decided to make her the same worksheet but for addition. Unfortunately, I didn’t remove the multiplication worksheet from the table before she started. She started working on it but hid her work behind her arm. She brought it back to me quickly. “Look mom,” she said. “I noticed this pattern in the other worksheet and it worked in mine.” The punk didn’t work on addition she just filled in the pattern! Now I have to come up with a new worksheet.

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