Friday, January 30, 2009

A Conversation with the Nurse at Williams’s School

A: “Will has diarrhea. Could you please come pick him up?”

Me: Sighing, “No, he really doesn’t.”

Every time Will gets a new teacher at school or goes to a new school I get the same frantic and disgusted phone call. I talk to them about poop for 5 minutes and usually they deal with it. (I could write a treatise on Will’s poop but I will spare you.)

The conversation continues thus:

A: “It really looks like diarrhea.”

Me: “I know. He’s had it for 7 years.”

A: “He sat on the toilet for 15 minutes.”

Me: “Often he’s in there for a half hour. It’s kind of a special place for him because everyone leaves him alone.”

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