Monday, August 1, 2011

Watching a movie with William

I was watching Amazing Grace while folding laundry.  Will came and sat by me on the couch.  He laid down.  Got up, opened the ottoman took out his pile of blankets and laid back down on the couch.  He handed me Bri’s clothes to fold; probably because they were in his way.  Once I finished folding he pointed to my legs.  “Move, please.”  I moved my legs off the couch.  He pointed at me.  “Move please.” 

I stood up.  “Do you want me to sit on the other couch?”  I asked him.

Will pointed to what seemed like the exact spot I moved from on the couch.  I sat.  He scooted next to me and laid his head down in my lap.  Then he switched back to the other side.  He put a blanket in my lap.  Then another.  Then had me put my arms around them.  I looked at the similarly hugged pile of blankets on his lap.  We smiled at each other and I kept the blankets on my lap.

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