Thursday, January 6, 2011

Five Goals for 2011


Hosts of the Special Needs Blog Hop are Tammy From Autism Learning Felt and Stacie from Super Mommy To The Rescue. This week's theme is name five goals for the new year.

Here are mine:

I resolve to laugh more.

Sometime this year I resolve to stand on a street holding a sign.  After the last elections I was driving down route 9, and noticed a man standing on the street holding a sign.  I thought it was an unusually large “need help” sign.  It wasn’t.  It was an “I’m disappointed in you Massachusetts” sign.  My first thought was that guy better be from MA or he can just pack up his disappointment, stuff it in a bag and head back where he came from.   (Imagine me saying that while sticking out a finger for the full effect.) My second was even though he had obviously mistaken MA for the rest of the country and should have driven a car throughout the country with that sign it was pretty cool he was standing there.

I resolve to eat more vegetables.

I resolve to tell my husband that I will at some point go somewhere that he wants to go and do something he wants to do (at least once in my life) even though I know that saying so will result in me either living on a boat for a month or traipsing through a country I don’t want to go to.  Hmmm, I might have to come up with a new resolution.* I’ll seriously consider that.

I resolve to be kinder and more patient (even to people who are obviously wrong).

I am so impressed with myself for thinking up some goals.  I only wish that it didn’t take me long!  Well, now I have a sixth resolution.  Come up with resolutions for next year early … or not.

*I reserve the right to substitute this resolution for a different resolution, or no resolution at all, at any time and for any reason because I can be a baby and whiny.


shelley said...

hi there, nice to meet you! i'm shelley I am a special needs mom too! I had 2 pregnancies complicated by pre-eclampsia/toxemia and brought 2 32 weeker preemies into the world, my oldest will be 23 this year and had no complications other then her temper! lol but my younger daughter will be 19 next month and has cp, it has been a journey. When my kids were small i got frustrated at not being able to take them to play at the park, so i designed and created the first fully inclusive playground in Maryland after raising 1 million dollars to do so in 3 years... It was the first of it's kind in our state and one of the first in the country... I went on and helped many around the country... and nowww I'm writing and love meeting other families with special needs children... OK that's me in very short! lol
i love your little disclaimer about your resolutions!
following you here and the tweetster stop by and say "hi!"

Life as the mother of 4 said...

Impressive! I think I'll need advice when I start raising money for a community center.

Kelly~ Wave of Life Surf Studio said...

I am with you on the having more patience thing.. Hi~ I am your newest follower from the special needs blog hop (my son has CP & CVI) & would it if you stopped by and followed me too ;)

Stacie said...

I absolutely love how thought out these were. I too need to have a little more patience. Thanks for joining us in the blog hop.

Life as the mother of 4 said...

@ Kelly Hi

@ Stacie Thank you

@jencull (jen) said...

hehehe, really enjoyed reading this, you sounded about as enthuastic as I felt, I am not really a resolution person!! I totally agree with your *statement, and so you should be allowed to substitute another resolution because you are right!! Jen

Eileen said...

So, were you successful? What are your goals for 2011? ;)

Life as the mother of 4 said...


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