Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Marcy took my name in vain yesterday … a lot.  I was walking into the Y and realized that I forgot my sneakers.  I stopped at the main desk to let them know.  (They do want to know things like that about me … really!  And I know that because one of them mentioned it to me today.)  They suggested Pilates.    I’m more of a yoga girl myself.  I haven’t done Pilates for about 8 years.  But I was there, shoeless.  So, I took a number.  And a number for Marcy.

It was hard.  I didn’t have my yoga mat so I slipped around.  And my body still hurts.  A lot.

Marcy told me to put my sneakers in the car and leave them there.


Lynn said...

Pilates is hella hard! I have neck issues and it's so hard on my neck having it raised off the ground so much. You will be sore!

Marcy said...

I did not take your name in vain. Having said that, I would not voluntarily take that class again. My leg muscles were really aching and I think the class was supposed to work my core!

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