Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Second Day of the Three Day weekend

Me:  Official Title --Baking Queen, yesterday I made Will GFCF bread and donuts.  The donuts had squash and applesauce, so I will add Healthy to my title.  Then I cooked pinto beans in my pressure cooker and made taco soup and French bread on my nifty French bread pan that I have only used once in about 14 years (why did I buy it – unknown).  Forced children to shovel driveway – official title:  Slavedriver.  Status:  Tired.

Husband:  Flew back from Toronto, grabbed sleeping bag, went off to sleep in a tent in the snow with scoutlings.  (Jealous much?)  Status:  Assumed cold.

Brianne:  Effectively got siblings to shovel most of the driveway (she has skills), played a lot of Kingdom Hearts, washed dinner dishes.  Status:  Briannella

Jacob:  Shoveled a lot of snow, *packed for camping, went camping.  Status:  Hopefully alive, warm and happy.

William:  Didn’t wear pants the whole day, played on iPad and ate donuts and bread.  Didn’t have school or home therapy.  Status:  Best! Day! Ever!

Elizabeth:  Great sport, shoveled a lot of snow.  Decided she wanted a iPod asked if she could do extra jobs around the house to earn money, rejected suggested jobs and came up with her own.  Status iEnvy of Jacob.  (And of course, completely adorable.)

*Sometimes I think my children are very lucky that they don’t have to survive on their own because I don’t think they would survive to adulthood.  Jake was wearing cloth gardening gloves when he got in the van for me to drive him to the scout camp.  To camp … in the snow.


Big Daddy Autism said...

Will and I had the exact same day.

Life as the mother of 4 said...

*fist clench* Status: jealous

Marcy said...

I think Lizzie is iAdorable. At least Jacob had some gloves on. I keep having to explain to David that it is winter and cold - wear gloves!

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