Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ok, whose fault is this?

I called my sister to complain that I was driving to Stop and Shop at 7:16, Thursday night to buy butter because I needed some for frosting.  “Why?” She asked.  

“It’s Lizzy’s fault.”  I started to say.  Then I stopped.  No, I didn’t think it was.  I actually started this whole chain of events last week.  Last Saturday, I took Bri to Target to buy shoes.  She actually bought purple slippers because that is apparently what teenagers wear.  Odd . . . moving on.  While at the store I threw a package of a Halloween candy mix of Indian candy corn and mini pumpkins into my carriage because I LOVE CANDY CORN!  

Once home, Lizzy saw the package on the counter and asked the natural question.  That being, of course, may I have some.  I realized that due to my appalling lack of control, if she opened the package I would eat whatever remained while the kids were at school.  So, I told her no, that we would instead make sugar cookies and use the candy to decorate them.  Thus in a blindingly brilliant outpouring of words I somehow gave her the expectation that 1.  We would make sugar cookies and 2.  Once the cookies were baked we would decorate them.

Well, on Sunday we had people over for dinner.  Monday is MyGym.  Tuesday Will started a music class.  Wednesday is therapy, swim lessons, piano (William), scouts, young women’s, and activities days (others’).  I deflected Lizzy’s requests.  As the week worn on those requests became more demanding.  By Thursday afternoon I decided I should just make the dough and let Lizzy help me roll and cut shapes out later.  After the cookies were baked Lizzy asked to decorate them.  “Umm, I think we’re out of butter.”  I answered.  “How do you feel about cream cheese frosting?”   

And I found myself driving to the store.


Kim Wombles said...

Hee, you need to add buttons to your post, so we can click "funny," "love it," hah, or my favorite, of course, "crazed squirrel." :-) I'd have clicked all three!

Anonymous said...

Squirrel is our favorite word. My older son, David, now uses it to let me know I have veered off topic. Marcy

How appropriate "prion" is the visual verification word. I seem to be losing all of mine.

Life as the mother of 4 said...

I'd have to come with two other categories equivalent to crazed squirrel

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