Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I just sent an email to my son’s therapist that seemed a little obscene

I started typing the email . . . then paused.  I tried to think of a way to phrase my request so I wouldn’t feel like a 15 year-old hormonal boy alone on a computer at 3 o’clock in the morning.  Then I just gave up and sent the email.

Dear William’s therapist,

Will you please print out a picture of a naked woman with labeled body parts for Will just like the male one you printed up for him. 


From a completely normal and not in any way inappropriate mother

We have the picture of the naked man with labeled body parts taped in the shower because we’re trying to teach Will how to take a shower independently.  

Because these kinds of things are normal in our house!  

I didn’t really think about my 14 year-old daughter, my 13 year-old son and my 8 year-old daughter seeing that every time they took a shower.  Because, come on, there’s also a strip above the sink explaining how to wash hands in case they forget.

But as I sat by the computer feeling like a pervert I realized that my friend’s son had slept over two nights a week ago.  He’d taken a shower both nights and . . . never . . . said . . . a . . . word.  I can’t even say that I think he didn’t notice the picture because it’s right there in black and white – taped on the wall at eye level.

He had to realize that it was for Will, right?  I mean the picture is right next to a list of 19 tasks involved in taking a shower.  It says innocuous things like wash your right arm.  (Of course, it’s male specific and says to wash other things as well but anyone completing the task analysis would definitely be clean after he finished.)

But I need the picture.  I wrote Will a social story about why he should wear clothes and what parts of the body should be covered and I need a visual aid.  After I get it, I promise I won’t tape the picture of the naked woman in the shower and for that I’m sure that my fourteen year-old is grateful.


Big Daddy Autism said...

How ironic, I just sent the same e-mail to my therapist. :) While we haven't hung pictures describing anatonomy in our bathrooms, each one has a detailed laminated list of bathroom rules. When adult guests come over and visit the bathroom, upon finsishing, they sometimes proudly exclaim that they did everything on the list. Like I'm supposed to give them a reward or soemthing.

Anonymous said...

By picture, you mean an illustration, a line drawing?

Not, I hop, e a photograph? Just a clarification?

Life as the mother of 4 said...

BDA -- Isn't it crazy what we end up asking for! And you may want to stock some lolly pops or something as a reinforcer for the adults. ;-)

No, not a photo, If I needed one of those I could probably buy one somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Oh so funny! I can see this happening in our house in a few years. We have three kids, one NT and two with autism. We have visual aids all over the house...right now, mostly geared to using the potty!

Life as the mother of 4 said...

Oh yes, we had random labels taped to objects all over for a while.

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