Friday, July 9, 2010

“You don’t need a house, you need a bigger car!”

My husband said in response to my complaints about my day as I was driving home from dropping the kids off at swim practice.

Wednesday’s Schedule:

Briefly mourn husband being out of town

7:30-8:30 Get assorted kids really for school buses

9-12:15 Teach classes at the Y

(12:15 Wonderful Marcy takes Bri to her friend’s house so I don’t have to rush her to her piano lesson during Will’s therapy.)

12:30 Show up one half hour early to Parent Group Meeting at Will’s school – I briefly consider voting myself in as President but reconsider as I’m too lazy.

Lizzy gets off her bus, walks home and a friend picks her up for a play date

1-2:30 Parent Group Meeting

2:30 Take Will and drive home

3:15-5:15 Will Therapy

5:30- 6:15 Pick up Bri from piano lesson and drop her off at a pool party

6:50-8:45 Lizzy gets dropped off, then I take Jake to scouts (Will busy with iPad, I read, Lizzy runs around with other kids like hooligan)

9:00 Bri dropped off at home

Thursday’s Schedule

Briefly mourn husband being out of town

7:30-8:30 Attempt to wake up grumpy Lizzy, feed other children, send them to school.  Drop Lizzy off at her bus stop without eating breakfast and with unbrushed hair.  [I don’t feel so bad about the lack of breakfast as her first class at Summer Scene is No Bake Cooking.  Unfortunately, she later informs me that they made cucumber sandwiches which she DID NOT LIKE! (Emphasis mine.)]  Thus, I remain blissfully unaware of my child’s hunger for several hours.

8:45-9:20 Write blog post about 4th of July Fireworks

9:30-11 SP-ED PAC Board meeting, I attempt to redeem myself as sub-par secretary by taking notes on meeting.

11-4:30  Return home pick up Bri, talk to Linda on the phone (attempt to hurry Bri as I suddenly had a brilliant idea to pick up Lizzy from Summer Scene instead of waiting for the bus to drop her off because that will give me an extra 30 minutes.  Unfortunately, the mountain moves for no one and my plan fails miserably.)  Bri and I return home to wait for the bus.  The three of us drive to Uno’s for lunch with Marcy and Dav.  We were having a fundraiser for Lose the Training Wheels which we are bringing to town in August.  I speed home to drop off the girls then back to pick up Jake from his summer program.  Decide he should have a sleepover.  Drive him to Holliston for EmPOWER tutoring.  Stop at a grocery store on the way home for apples.  

4:30-5:30 Unload the groceries, shove something in kids’ mouths, yell at them to hurry, drive them to swim meet, drop them off, return home and decide I don’t want to wash dishes.  I’d rather veg.

8:00-9:10 Bri calls and says the meet is over.  I drive to pick them up.  Husband says on phone I need a bigger car in response to complaining over busy summer and grumpy children.  Arrive at pool, Lizzy is missing, talk to other parent while Bri attempts to remove Lizzy from friends in the locker room.  Drive home with two girls and Jake’s friend Ben.  Feed Lizzy grapes then put her in bed.

9:20 Go on walk with Linda

Wash Dishes

11?  Boys go to bed.

Spit at summer.


Eileen said...


Life as the mother of 4 said...

Yes ... but which child would I donate to charity? hehehehe

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that you didn't consider bringing Jacob's eMpower work so you had an extra trip home. Marcy

Josh said...

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Anonymous said...

"A bigger car" = a motorhome with a bathroom, kitchen, wifi, etc.

You can park where the kids need to be and take home with you, wherever you are.

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