Monday, July 19, 2010

Will’s Party

Will had his first birthday party with friends ever on Saturday.  It was awesome!  We played party games, had a scavenger hunt, played charades . . . kidding!  But it was still awesome.  I had a lot of “mom” friends from his school that I wanted to invite but I decided his party couldn’t be about me.  So, I invited his favorite friends from school.  And I talked to him all week to prepare him for kids coming over to see him.  He has a tendency to disappear when a lot of people come over and I wanted him to have fun and interact with people. 

On the invitation I said we had a trampoline, two swings and a fenced backyard.  (No party games.) My friend Cat came over and made balloon animals, guns whatever the kids wanted for two hours.  Pete painted himself with a Popsicle, three autistic kids jumped together on the trampoline, Brian didn’t want to leave and Will only left the party to watch his new DVD Toy Story so I consider it a pretty successful party.

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Eileen said...

Sounds really nice!

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