Sunday, July 4, 2010

The (Fourth) Grumpy Dwarf

Because I am an idiot, I let Lizzy stay up to watch a concert and movie in the common last night as part of our town’s Fourth of July celebration.  Because I am even a greater idiot glutton for punishment we are driving into Boston to watch the fireworks tonight.  I had her lay down with my husband (our version of Snow White) while he was taking a nap.  I gave Lizzy her pillow pet and blanket and told her she had to rest for a half hour.  When I peeked in, my husband was sound asleep, Lizzy’s head popped up and she asked if she could get up.

And yes, I am the wicked queen but the dwarfs are winning, and it would probably take an apple liberally laced with Benadryl to get Lizzy to take a nap at this point.

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