Friday, September 25, 2009

Yeah, This Weekend Will Be Very Different Than My Usual Life!


1. No kids. I can be one looking down my nose at other people’s children. Sniffing that really can’t they control their children?

2. No cooking. I'm looking so forward to that I might kiss the waiter. Won’t that be thrilling? “Umm, help! Some fat, middle aged woman is kissing me and won’t let go!” “Excuse me ma am, you really need to leave now!

3. Art! I will not try to steal anything I promise. Besides I think they’d notice if I tried to walk out with a Monet under my arm!

4. No family. While I’m use to my husband traveling for work, I am not use to disconnecting the umbilical cord that connects the rest of my family to me. I’m unsure about this but I suspect I’ll survive.

5. A concierge. Actually, I may bring one back with me.


Anonymous said...

Have fun... we move into our house next weekend... yea!!!! Fun things don't necessarily happen every day or week. Enjoy your weekend

Eileen said...

Now I need an update! How did everything go???

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