Monday, September 7, 2009

I'm Amazing!

Last week I was amazing. I had a bunch of corn left over from our CSA share and my husband bought 100 ears at Stop and Shop (ok, maybe 6). So, I decided to freeze them for later. I boiled the corn for four minutes, put them in cold water, cut off the corn and then froze it.

I also cooked black beans. We’d gotten a pressure cooker from FreeCycle. The only problem was that it was from Germany and didn’t come with an instruction manual and I don’t know how to use a pressure cooker. Thus it sat on my counter for a month staring at me. I finally decided I either had to put flowers in it or try to cook something. I decided that my worse case scenario involved steam burns and my kitchen exploding but I threw caution to the wind and cooked black beans. After I put them in the pan and turned on the heat I wondered how long I should cook them for. So, I called my sister Jane and asked her. She said an hour but since I never hear my timer they ended up cooking longer. So, I’m not sure how long they actually cooked.

Then I made red pepper hummus, edamame salad, black bean salsa, made gfcf blueberry cobbler for Will and supervised Bri making blueberry cobber for the rest of us. I told you I was amazing!

I told my mom all of this on Saturday. I said that what I did was the equivalent of my sister Kathleen canning 500 jars in one day, while taking care of her newborn and 2 year old. I said, “I’m amazing.”

“Yes, she is.” My mom agreed.

“No, I meant me.”



Anonymous said...

I don't can 500 jars in one day, but I did 15 quarts of peaches and 14 quarts of tomatoes today. I need you to come over and cook dinner for me, because I'm tired and I'm missing my curry:) K

Anonymous said...



Life as the mother of 4 said...

Funny ... K. That's the same thing I say to my husband. ;)

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