Monday, June 11, 2012

Going through the dewrinkle cycle

I went to a Mary Kay Party last week and in a fit of madness bought a $30 anti-aging serum. 

I’m getting old.  I do not have “old man neck”* like my husband yet (well, possibly I do … but you can’t see it possibly because one of my thirteen chins hide it) but the neck is coming.

The consultant was really concerned that she didn’t have the anti-aging de-wrinkler in stock and gave me a mini-sample to hold me until the slightly bigger jar appeared.  I told her I could wait as I had lived without the anti-aging serum for 41 years.

I put it on two days ago and got a zit by my eyebrow the next morning but that is not the reason why I have not put more on.  (I would have to get at least 3 more zits before I would link the two events.) 

I forgot.  Having the little bottle right on my bathroom counter does not remind me.  I will probably have to tape the little bottle to my wrist. 

Unfortunately, I’m beginning to suspect that this serum, like my foray into Weight Watcher territory, might not work if I only pay the money but do not follow the instructions.

*You may call it “old woman neck” if you wish because I am an equal opportunities offender

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