Friday, January 13, 2012

Bose should pretty much just hire me

Since Bose’s SoundLink was my idea in the first place. A couple of years ago I asked my friend who works at Bose (He’s technically my husband’s third or fourth cousin but they didn’t know each other existed until we both moved three quarters the across the country and ended up in the same town. Crazy right? Wait … it gets crazier because there is another guy who moved here years ago who also is a distant cousin – seventh- and ended up in the same town as well! … hum, perhaps I should take credit for that as well.) 

Anyway, I asked my third or fourth cousin-in-law Clark if Bose made any kind of speaker I could hook up Will’s iPad too because I was worried about Will going deaf or something. Bose didn’t.

 Flash forward to a couple months ago. Clark gives us a beautifully wrapped present. It’s a SoundLink. He said that he’d worked on it for a year.

“Bose, You’re welcome.”

I’m not going to confirm my question being the genesis of the speaker because I’m sure of it in my head.

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