Monday, January 16, 2012

Another Awkward Conversation I had with Myself

This morning as I was listening to the radio on the way home from dropping Will off at school I listened to a NPR segment on Martin Luther King Jr. and thought wouldn’t that be fantastic to meet him!

But what would I say?  Because surely it wouldn’t be awkward at all to have some random white woman come up to you and say something about how wonderful you are, what a difference you made in the world, that her kids love you and eventually you’ll have a national holiday but only after you are murdered.  I’d imagine different emotions showing on his face starting with creeper and ending with how sad to have a mental illness.

I decided that I couldn’t have a conversation with him at all because I’d either wreak the space time continuum or freak him out so much that he’d run away from me.

So, I finally decided that it would be best if I’d just shook his hand and tried to keep my mouth shut.


Please tell me that other people have these kinds of conversations with themselves.

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