Friday, October 21, 2011

I followed an unlovely man into a store today

I don’t know what noise caused me to turn my head to look at him.  Probably a noise I wasn’t expecting but instantly recognized as belonging to one of ours.  He and his father silently walked through the parking lot and then into Target.  He had a messy head of dark brown hair and he clutched a blue washcloth tightly in his hand.  He awkwardly lumbered into the store and headed directly to the DVDs.  His father headed in the opposite direction.  I was ridiculously proud of him for being independent.  I lost sight of him when I headed towards the card section where I spent an absurd amount of time trying to decide on a Bar Mitzvah card for my friend’s son.

I was wandering the toy section when I heard him laugh.  I looked up and spotted him in his bright yellow polo.  We passed each other.  I eagerly said, “hi.”

“Hi.”  He responded and I saw my son’s future.

The phrase "unlovely men" can be found here.

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