Friday, October 28, 2011

A Friday in October

I actually thought I was going to get home five minutes early from dropping Brianne off at school.  Which would have been fantastic but I was stuck behind a school bus that was stuck behind a garbage truck … and yes, I had to wait for both to stop.

After the kids left for school I took a nap.  Because I still have my cold probably because I don’t get enough sleep. 

Then I got a crown.  (For my mouth unfortunately!)

Then I picked up Bri to take her to the orthodontist and she came out with her braces still on.

Soon enough all my kids were home from school and I had to threaten them with dismemberment to get them to practice their piano, violin and flute.  Bri I threatened with non-attendance at a party.

I dropped Bri off for a party at an incredibly large and well decorated house.  I’m not sure how many times my house would fit inside of it but I’m going with easily four.  I actually thought the private driveway was a road.  (Hey it was dark. And the lady in my navigator said we had arrived.)

And I listened to a lot of Adele today.  I love Set fire to the Rain!

1 comment:

Accidental Expert said...

Wow, you're days sound like mine. Pretty crazy, huh?

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