Saturday, September 11, 2010

Yes, I am a brat

I took Bri to Macy’s today for their One Day Sale.  We couldn’t find anything for her to buy.  (But I bought a floor steamer.  I think I’ll teach Will to use it.)  Bri had a difficult time and scratched herself on shelving but all was not lost as she found her phone that has been missing for TWO MONTHS in her purse.  She had a replacement four year old phone that a family she baby sits for gave her but the battery only lasted an hour or so on it and it didn’t have a keyboard for texting so she pretty much ignored it.  

Bri is very obsessed with Kingdom Hearts (it’s a video game) she watches it on UTube, she bought a Playstation 2 specifically so she could play it, she found the piano music for it and plays it all the time.  And most painfully she likes to talk about it.

She started talking about it at the mall.  She talked about it for 20 minutes.  I won’t listen to Jake talk about any game for 10 minutes and this was agonizing.  She talked about Kingdom Hearts as we walked to the car.  She talked about it while I was driving home.  She was still talking about it as we drove up the hill to our house.  I saw a kiddy pool by the street.  Here when people want to get rid of something they put it by the side of the road and whoever wants it can take it.  You can get some pretty cool stuff that way.  Well, I wanted that pool for bubbles for the Fall Festival at Will’s school.  I stopped the car.  “Go get the pool.”  I told Bri.  She didn’t want to.

She finally agreed.  “. . . Ok, but I won’t get back in the car if you don’t listen to me talk about Kingdom Hearts.”  She grabbed the pool and started running up the hill with the pool on top of her head like a giant hat.  Thinking that I really didn’t want to listen to anything more about Kingdom Hearts anyway and that she was adorable I started keeping pace with her.  Everything was fine until she decided to run and jump on the back of the van.  Panicked that she would get hurt I slammed on the brakes.  Unfortunately, she didn’t expect that and ran into the back of the van.  I thought that was quite amusing and decided to tease her.  I drove forward a little, waited until she got close then drove forward again.  Suffice it to say that she walked the rest of the way up the hill and I felt really bad when I parked and looked down on the passenger side to see her shoes.  Honestly, I am really surprised that I didn’t have to go back for the pool!

I told my husband and he was not happy with me. 


Big Daddy Autism said...

Too funny.

Betsy Brock said...

Oh dear...I've never heard of Kingdom Hearts and I'm kinda glad about that now! :)

Life as the mother of 4 said...

I don't know why she is so enthralled ... perhaps it's really good. But I'll admit that I'm not interested in finding out.

Anonymous said...

Um, Kingdom Hearts is SUPER AMAZING! Like vegitables, you can't say you don't like it until you try it (:
-Your obsessed daughter
P.S. at least it isn't Twilight! XD

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