Wednesday, September 8, 2010


It’s harder to gear up this school year.  Last Tuesday, after all my kids were on a bus I started to freak out; I called Marcy, “I’m antsy.”  I told her.  “I don’t know what wrong.”

“It’s the first time you’ve been alone in months.”  She said.  “You’ll be fine.”

At Will’s back to school night.  I talked to his special ed. teacher about his math curriculum and told her I’d send in a spelling list for him to work on.  Although Will can decode at a higher level, his comprehension and fluency place him at a D reading level.  But since he’s my boy he has splinter skills.  He is a better speller than Jake.  In my inexpert opinion he probably spells at a fourth grade level.  

I scrolled though a few of the close to three thousand notes he’s written to find misspelled words – there aren’t many.  It wasn’t as much work to type them as it sounds since probably a thousand of the notes only consist of the word “thy.”  Why?  I don’t know.  Maybe he likes how it sounds.  I could start using it.  No, too much work.

I noticed a few things.  First – contractions he’s got “they’ve” down but doesn’t know them all.  He gets confused with homonyms such as to, too and two; or bee and be; knew and new. His punctuation isn’t perfect.  He loves typing …… And he misspelled: noise, organize, immediately, proudly, extra and energy among other words.

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