Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lizzy, Lizzy, Lizzy

The second grade had a reading recital at Barnes and Nobel and Lizzy has been preparing for over a month.  She carefully chose her book, The Cat Came Back by Dr. Seuss, and her costume and then proceeded to drive me crazy.  

For over a week she read that book for her reading homework.  I said it didn’t count because it was too easy and she ignored me in a hostile manner.

I gently suggested she chose a second grade level book.  No . . . I quickly backed off.  

I told her I would not buy her a tuxedo.  When I explained they were very expensive she understood but still wanted a red bow tie.  She agreed to wear Jake’s outgrown suit and tie.  But she wanted her green and white striped Dr. Seuss/St. Patrick’s Day felt hat.  The one I still had not picked up from her friend’s house -- the house that is two minutes away.  We picked it up on the way to the store.

So, we show up.  Lizzy is the third to read.  Surprisingly Lizzy is the only kid I see with a Dr. Seuss book.  She gets up there in her green and white striped, felt hat wearing Jake’s outgrown suit and tie.  She’s completely adorable; especially because she doesn’t read her book.  She has it memorized.  She recites it.  She is completely her own person.  She may be shy but that has never meant that she’ll let anyone push her around!


Kim Wombles said...

:-) Lovely!

R. Hansen said...

Super fun! Do you have any pics? Put one up on the family deal.

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