Thursday, October 23, 2008

Maybe I’m a Little Obsessive

I called my sister because I hadn’t talked to her for so long. I’m a little perturbed at her because she hadn’t called me in a long time and quite frankly her excuse of “her husband taking a new job in a different state, packing up her house and putting it on the market and the aforementioned husband actually being in a different state leaving her alone with four children and a house that needs to be ready to show at a moment’s notice” sounded a little thin. I mean she is one of my sisters that sews, bottles food and manages to decorate her house! Can this be much harder? Although, now that I think about it maybe I gave her the disease I had a year ago in which my husband got a job in Texas, commuted there for six months. We sold our house, moved into a two-bedroom apartment, ended up living there for six months, then decided to stay in Massachusetts and had to look for a new house.

Bean, a word of advice, go for a four bedroom apartment right off the bat!

Back to our conversation -- I was worried that Obama wouldn’t win and she was worried he would. And I’m jealous that Palin got a $150,000 new wardrobe. And I thought, hey, if everyone who reads my blog contributed $10,000 then I, too, could look smokin’. No, not really and anyway I’d blow it all on chocolate and lessons for the kids. But I did promise to call her on November 4rd and remind her to vote. She was surprised that I’d risk a vote against the last, great hope for America but I told her I loved her more than I loved Obama and anyway she lives in Idaho. If she lived in a swing state . . . maybe, no, I’d still call her.


Anonymous said...

mom you saw a four bedroom apartment but you didn't get!

Anonymous said...

You are too funny!


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