Sunday, October 12, 2008

He successfully avoided my finger

I looked over at Will and noticed that one eye was a little red and swollen. I put some eye ointment on my finger to put in his eye. But he wiggled away from me. I tried again. It didn’t work that time either. In the past, I would lie him down on a bed with his arms down under my arm, and hold open his eye to put the medicine in. But today I realized that Will is too big for me to hold him down anymore. I tried to reason with him. I showed him his eye in the mirror. I asked if his eye hurt. I told him I could make it feel better. I practiced putting my uncontaminated finger near his eye. I tried singing a song while wrestling with him. Bri tried holding his arms down. I tried to pin him. At one point we were on his bed while I was attempting unsuccessfully to medicate him when I looked up my husband was staring in the window in consternation wondering why I was torturing his son. As he was in the middle of staining our deck I didn’t call him in to hold down our poor little nine year-old. After fifteen minutes I gave up.

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