Monday, September 15, 2008

Direct quote, “Don’t throw up!”

Will started throwing up his pills earlier this summer. He takes an assortment: Super Nu-Thera (the “autism” vitamin), calcium, zinc, melatonin (to help him sleep), and whatever else his DAN, Defeat Autism Now, doctor suggests. For years he swallowed a truckload of pills every day then during the summer he decided they made him throw up – and they did, every day.

It was great, especially when we were staying at my sister Jane’s house! I started giving him his pills outside accompanied with a stern command of “Don’t throw up!” Will can throw up at the drop of a hat if he wants to. When I made him try a hot dog many years ago he threw up. He threatens to throw up if I make him eat non-preferred vegetables. And about five years ago when he only ate corn chips, hamburger and fruit, he threw up a lot as I forced him to expand his diet.

I cut his pill usage back in an effort to decrease the vomiting. It worked. Today I threw in two tiny cod liver oil caplets and some good digestive bacteria. That sent him over the edge and he let me know. But because that’s the kind of mother I am I rinsed them off and made him swallow them again.


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Life as the mother of 4 said...

Ewwwwww doesn't even begin to cover the kinds of stuff I've dealt with over the last 8 years!

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