Monday, May 24, 2010

Working Mothers?

Tuesday night I was just finishing up my emails to a state Representative, two state senators, a commissioner, the governor and someone else who does something when Marcy called me to see if I’d run for the town’s Sped-Pac co-secretary.  Earlier, I’d given Bri a cooking lesson over the phone on my way home from Jake’s tutoring session (he’s learning how to write).  And the baked chicken and rice turned out perfectly.

I need to get on the ball because we have the teacher appreciation breakfast at Will’s school in two weeks and I haven’t picked out teacher gifts yet.  Yeah, the teacher gift I was sooo big on.  The gifts that I pushed and said I’d bake cookies for if we couldn’t afford anything else.  And we have elections for the Parent Group at Will’s school.  Last year I dodged the bullet but this year I already volunteered to be on the fundraising committee.

The only thing I can think about right now is that some mothers do this and work full time!  Uh . . . how?  No, seriously . . . how?  Marcy jokes that she’d like a sister wife.  I’d settle for an assistant, cook and live-in therapist!

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