Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mommy Dating

I started dating again. This time it’s different. By different, I mean there’s no kissing and I’m not dating men. I read an article in the paper over a year ago about “mommy dating.” Although, I’d never call it that I have to admit that there are some similarities. I’ve found the older you get the harder it is to make friends. I’m pretty lucky that I’ve found some wonderful ones here.

In high school I tended to be oblivious and naïve. That’s a dangerous combination and I’m grateful I grew up in Utah because if there’s one place on earth that is a little safer for those of us who were born with gullible tattooed on our foreheads that is the place! Needless to say, my high school experience was just fine and if I was significantly sillier than the average person I will also say I probably had more fun as well. But oblivious, naïve, pure and silly does not attract guys so there was little dating. But it all worked out because I was attracted to bright and nice guys and I married a good one.

Since the article explained a few things to me, I’m obviously still oblivious about social games, but I can’t imagine being as obsessive and worried as the women in the article. “It’s not you it’s me” whatever! Maybe it’s easier for me because I already belong to a club. And moms of kids with special needs tend to be pretty inclusive.

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