Monday, May 10, 2010

My Children Are No Longer Pet Deprived (Although, petting them could be a problem)

A couple of months ago, my husband bought bees online, in a fit of madness. Once he ordered the bees, he needed a hive and assorted bee gear. So, he ordered that as well. Four hundred dollars later, he and Lizzy put the hive together and painted it. He informed me that he was lucky to get the bees because there is a shortage. He picked them up the day after we got back from Mexico.

He planned on putting them in the woods behind our house but it’s not sunny enough. So he decided to put them on the roof because he thought our neighbors might freak out if we put a beehive in the front yard.

My mom and I watched him put the bees in the hive on the roof. I was worried that if he got stung he’d fall off the roof on the wrong side – the side that had a two story fall onto stone pavers rather than fall onto the deck. I worried needlessly. He didn’t get stung; although he looked very attractive in his bee mask and gloves.

The biggest problem now is that my parents are freaking out that I don’t have an EpiPen because we are both allergic to bees.


Eileen said...

Yes, please don't pet the bees. Sounds like an EpiPen would be a very good idea. Time to make a Dr. appt. or whatever you need to do to get one. :)

My BIL also does bees. There aren't many more around except for immediately around the hive. Enjoy your honey!

Matthew and Rebecca Reeder said...

How fun! I want to come and see your bees-

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