Saturday, April 24, 2010

Why I love William Shatner now that he’s no longer on Star Trek

I disliked the original Star Trek.  My brother used to watch it on Saturdays and I thought he watched it just to bug me!  Now twenty five years later I think he probably liked it and it had nothing to do with me.  But William Shatner embraces the campy and honestly in some (admittedly kind of sick) way is kind of sexy, campy.  I’m not saying I’m attracted to him.  But if I am being honest I love the way he reads poetry and I wouldn’t turn down a personal reading although I’d bring my husband along to enjoy it with me.

So, here’s one reason I love William Shatner:

And here’s another:

Skip to 1 minute to hear Shatner.

He's a Rocket Man:

You're welcome!

1 comment:

KWombles said...

Hee, I love Shatner, too. His Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds is priceless. :-)

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