Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Don’t Let Me Fool You!

Even though I have a blog, AND can post links on my Facebook account I’m really only one-fourth to one-third computer literate.  If there was any doubt as to the veracity of that statement the hour and a half I spent trying to upload a picture on an invitation I was trying to create on evite would have removed all doubt.  The intersection of my lack of camera skills, my brilliant idea to take all my pictures in the largest size possible, and my lack of knowledge on how to reduce the pixels combined together into a tsunami of ignorance and failure.  A cartoon character might as well have appeared on my screen and said to me, “All your bases are belong to us” because that’s pretty much what happened.

So I gave up and Lizzy has some sort of pompom looking thing on her invitation.  Oh well, I didn’t send the invitation to her so she’ll never know.


Anonymous said...

IT is hard to use by design, so nerds feel needed. This is why microsoft is so hard to use, and Apple so easy. Which company's employees would you rather hang out with after work?

Life as the mother of 4 said...

hehehehe, I guess I should have just handed my camera booklet to my math nerd, given her time to read it and then asked her. Brilliant. I wish you could've given me the idea yesterday!

On a computer note, I sent my nephew an email asking him how to make DVD slide shows. Obviously, I'm a slow learner.

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